Creative Fiction

Book Review: ‘A Mouth Full of Salt’ by Reem Gaafar

A seemingly idyllic remote village in 1980s Northern Sudan is hit by inexplicably dreadful events in quick succession. A search party is on the lookout

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Afropean Anthems

Afro-Blues, Activism and the Bilingual Heart: An Interview with Aziza Brahim

Aziza Brahim is arguably the best known contemporary Sahrawi musician. Born to refugee parents from the contested Western Sahara region, Brahim has lived in Algeria,

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Book Review: ‘Red Africa: Reclaiming Revolutionary Black Politics’ by Kevin Ochieng Okoth

Some time back in late 2023, I came across an interview with London-based writer and researcher, Kevin Ochieng Okoth, following the publication of his book Red Africa: Reclaiming Revolutionary

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