An Afropean Odyssey Presented by The New York Times At The NY Travel Festival 15.04.15


“One cold afternoon in October, founder and co-editor of Johny Pitts left London on the Eurostar to travel Europe by train for five months in search of ‘Afropea’- those parts of the continent where second, third and fourth generation members of the black-diaspora in Europe are forging identities not represented in tourist literature and traditional national narratives. As part of the ‘People of Colour in Travel Media’ Seminar hosted by The New York Times, Johny will talk about what he found on his travels through London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Lisbon and share some of his street photography due to be released as a book in 2016”

This will be a free event but places are limited.  In conjunction with the organisers, Afropean are offering a discount on the full weekend event tickets.  Enter ‘AFROP15’ for $5 off of Weekend Traveler tickets and ‘AFROPIND’ for $25 off of Weekend Industry tickets.

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