Review of David Goldblatt, Structures of Dominion and Democracy, Paris (Part 3)

As one might expect, this is no light-hearted feat. In one of the most memorable pictures, a man is seen sitting on top of rubble, staring into empty space. His face a complex combination of shock and anger, as he ponders on what used to be his home, now a pile of useless stones. We learn that his name is Luke Kgatitsoe, and that his house was once part of a prosperous farming community in the region of Transvaal, dating back to 1912. The building, destroyed in 1984 by the government of apartheid to leave grazing land for white farmers, is photographed in 1986 and remains one of Goldblatt’s most emblematic pictures.

David Goldblatt Photo 1 - Image by Olivia Anani

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