Afropea – A map of the African Diaspora In Europe

Why build a map of the African Diaspora in Europe?

The mood of Afropean is fuelled by three individuals who have arrived at the intersection of Black and European identities from different positions of race, class and gender, and our work is an attempt to build bridges amongst Black communities, and in turn Black communities with Europe.

We occupy a territory that embraces these various positions as non mutually exclusive. The lack of information about the black European diaspora has meant we, like many others, initially had to look to America for inspiration, and we’d like that to change.

Screenshot from Afropean's Map of Afropea
Afropean’s “Map of Afropea”

It’s almost 100 years since the birth of the Harlem Renaissance, which brought together and empowered black communities from across the diaspora. In researching this period we discovered its success was due to the connection & conviviality of formerly dispossessed people. Using Afropean as a hub, we’ll create a Harlem Renaissance in Europe for the 21st century by producing an interactive online map of BAME European artists, organisations & professionals, to promote engagement & networking.

Our idea will encourage a new model for interaction and increase mutual awareness between NGOs/activists and the African Diaspora in Europe, most specifically in regions and cities that have a high number of listings on the map.

Organisations and individuals that are listed on the map should see an increased rate of general enquiries/contacts, business that are listed on the map should see an increase in new customers.

Other possible changes include increases in election time outreach and rallies in areas that have a high number of listings on the map.

A successful outcome would be the strengthening of links amongst black diaspora communities who feel ‘of and not of’ Europe, and their engagement with EU wide issues as a group. 3/4 black people voted ‘remain’ during Brexit, but the turn out was low. We want to change how black communities function, and we think that the map could be a part of that change.



What’s next / what happens after the map is up and running?

Over the next few months we will continue gathering details of organisations and individuals to list on the map and we will make the map available to the public in Q1 2020.

Our long-term goal is to create a framework which can be used by other ethnic minorities across Europe. Afropean will create the interface and tools which will then be made available for other umbrella organisations to utilise to create maps of all other minority groups across Europe. Thus this idea is easily transferable across Europe and will not just benefit one ethnic group but all ethnic groups.


Want to submit your organisation for Map of Afropea?

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    2 thoughts on “Afropea – A map of the African Diaspora In Europe

    1. Im currently secondary school teacher in a rural area in switzerland.
      Im currently teaching the only african girl at that school and she told me that she feels isolated. Does this map exist now? I couldnt find anything and think it might help her

      1. You are such a caring and supportive teacher. Something to consider is to review class work and always ensuring the positive representation of Black people throughout your daily classes. Using the opportunity to really highlight and promote Black culture in a positive way.

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