Book launch: “Diary: When my lips were sealed my heart spoke” by Clara Opoku

Clara Opoku invites you to the launch party of her debut novel “Diary: When My Lips Were Sealed My Heart Spoke” to be held at Bijlmer Park Theatre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on November 18th 2017 15:45 – 18:30.

Diary: When my lips were sealed by Clara Opoku
Diary: When my lips were sealed by Clara Opoku

Raised in Amsterdam but born to parents hailing from Ghana, West Africa, Clara got the best of both continents and took to writing at a tender age.
In the mid nineties she applied her writing talents to singing/songwriting and achieved much acclaim for her “C.I.A.” recordings and performances.

Now a mother of three, Clara Opoku wants her book to inspire others to share their experiences without fear or shame. She wants to show the world, through the way she writes, that entertainment is a way of life and not just a business.

“When My Lips Were Sealed…” takes you on a poetic journey through trials and tribulations, taboo subjects within the African community, battles to overcome the odds, the need to stand up for oneself and many other life lessons that Clara has experienced.

Clara Opoku
Clara Opoku

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