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Looking B(l)ack Travel Symposium 2018 – highlights

Zap Mama takes centre stage …


Zap Mama bringing Afropea to life!

… and proceeds to steal the show; here Marie “Zap Mama” Daulne is joined by her daughter and renowned bassist Manou Gallo, and then all three artists combine to raise the roof and conjure a very tangible ‘Afropea’; the spiritual landscape that embraces more than one culture.

Be sure to watch this video until the *very* end.  See you guys in Amsterdam!


Many thanks to;


Speaking Volumes Live Literature Productions

Chris Morris for the photography

All of our contributors, with a special shout out to Caryl Phillips, Zap Mama, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Claude Grunitzky for making long trips to join us!

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