Preview: ‘I Just Dey Observe’ Nigerian Film Festival @ The BFI, London 18th August 2018

Grouf Poto
Grouf Poto

WanaWana is also one of the talents behind Dear Father; a combination of dance (Dolapo Phillips) and poetry of heart-rending candour (Udobang) about a parental relationship defined by absence. WanaWana’s brief but powerful film will ring a sorrowful bell for many.
The terrifying Got Flowers Today looks at the toxic dependency of a battered wife on the man who abuses her. The incongruous child-like animation makes the brutality all the more disturbing and heightens the sense of urgency.
Amidst the sobriety, I Dey Observe makes room for comic relief, albeit with strong underlying socio-political commentary. Grouf Poto for instance, is a darkly humorous vignette about the insidious, widespread influence of corruption. A school photograph becomes an opportunity for everyone, from teachers to students, to make a little extra on the side.

I Just Dey Observe Film Festival + Q&A takes place on Saturday 13 August 2018 @ the British Film Institute, The Southbank Centre, London.
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