Race Matters Blog Call for Papers


Do you have a passion for race equality and want to write about it?
Why not write for Britain’s number one race equality thinktank? We promote our blog content on social media and by email to our extensive UK-wide network.

We are always interested in receiving pitches from both new and established writers and multimedia creators.

Take a look at our latest blog posts for an idea of our content, which is always topical, thoughtful and examined through the lens of race.

OUR CONTENT is aimed at bringing new perspectives to issues of race inequality, including ‘mainstream’ issues where people tend not to think about racial fairness or unfairness (disparities). We encourage blogs that shed light on an issue and also bring a personal perspective or story as well, to illustrate the impact.

OUR TONE is both professional and, where appropriate, conversational. We want to engage readers in the topic you feel passionately about. They should begin reading something they perhaps didn’t know already. Please add URL links so we can hyperlink words to evidence.

OUR PURPOSE is to promote diverse voices and perspectives, providing information on issues that helps to tackle stereotypes and challenge decision-makers to make better policy in order to create a more racially-fair Britain.

The Race Matters blog is distributed via our various social media channels and mailing list to at least 10,000+ supporters, including a large cross section of policy-makers, academics, teachers, students and activists.

If you are interested in contributing to the Race Matters blog, please send a short pitch of your idea and an example of your work to

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