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Sunday Poem : ‘Voyage’ by Adebe DeRango Adem

they say

the voyage is life, that every

long journey begins

with a first step


life is about steps

about building new skies

and learning new prayers,

it is alchemy


and faith,

mystery and faithfulness

to what you believe in;

I believe in you


it has always been you from the beginning

and upon your return

there will have been

no real beginning or end, the distance

will seem as endless as rain

but other things will grow


don’t you know that we

are leaves of the same tree?

one whose roots reach Aksum

and the glory of past histories;

like Makeda

I am between homes

but know one thing: that when you

arrive in spring

we will continue the voyage      forward

to a new history

we will walk to the golden era

of beginnings.

ethiopian art


Adebe DeRango Adem


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