The Makers – Africa Utopia

By Marthe Van Der Wolf

East Africa has a thriving events sector with unique festivals taking root and flourishing across the region, and the United Kingdom has a long tradition of both enormous and intricate festivals.

One of these festivals is Africa Utopia, where conversations and connections between (emerging) creatives were captured on camera, to hear new ideas and collaborations.

The video highlights the moment participating creatives from the UK and East Africa engaged at the festival, sharing their perspectives on the future and exploring ways in which they have been able to enhance their art.

Sabrina Henry is a UK based costume designer and curator. Brian Emry is a Kenyan fashion designer and cultural producer.

Sabrina Henry, art curator
Sabrina Henry, art curator

Two creatives, one from the diaspora and from East Africa, in conversation sharing their experiences as they broaden their networks and explore ways in which they have been able to enhance their art. The emerging themes include identity, tackling creative blocks, collaboration, as well as cultural differences in working styles.

Africa Utopia is an annual arts and culture festival focused on Africa and its diaspora, and supported by the British Council East Africa Arts.

Brian Emry, fashion designer & cultural producer
Brian Emry, fashion designer & cultural producer


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