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Apparently Nothin’ by Young Disciples: Afropean Anthems – 1

Welcome to the first in what we hope will be an endless celebration of great tunes from yesteryear: the Afropean Anthems series.
Expect to hear and see some of your favourite artists from the 80s/90s/00s, all linked to the Afropean experience.

Young Disciples are as good a place to start as any: Carleen Anderson’s (we’ll be posting a lot of her stuff here), Femi Williams’, and Marc Nelson’s great but short-lived band.
“Apparently nothin'” was the hit single from their only album “Road to freedom” released in 1991 on Talkin’ Loud (another name that will pop up quite frequently in this series).

*Notable lyrics*:

A popularity of invasion
handed down through centuries.
A force of arms called gentle persuasion.
What have we learned from history.
Apparently nothin’
(Apparently nothin’, nothin’ apparently).


… And, yes, that is top of the pops.

Photo of 90's UK band "Young disciples"
Young disciples

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