Afropean Anthems

Black Travels, Dismantling ‘Fortress’ Europe, 19th Century Tropes and Blurring the Colour Line: An Interview with Igiaba Scego

Born and raised in Italy and the daughter of Somali refugees, the multilingual writer, activist and scholar, Igiaba Scego understands very well the complexities of the Afropean identity. 2023 sees the English-language publication of her award-winning book, The Colour Line (Small Axes/Hope Road Publishing). This intriguing and often heart-wrenching historical

Thou Daddy by Black Moses: Afropean Anthems – 4

It’s 1998, welcome to “Thou Daddy” from Swedish hip hop group Black Moses’ self-titled debut album. Details on Black Moses are quite hard to come by (all we’ve found is this fb page), but “Thou Daddy” tells us that Black Moses were as good as anyone (except for maybe M. Ndegeocello)

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