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Stolen Moments: Red hot and cool – Afropean anthems 6

Time is moving on
you better get with it
before it’s gone.

Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool from Red Hot on Vimeo.

This wonderful documentary is now 22 years old (first release:  October 1994) and it’s still relevant.

Look out for:
– The late great Guru and the late great Donald Byrd and the late great Ronny Jordan all performing together.
– The Roots before Malik B and Hub left the group.
– The Pharcyde before they broke up.
– Digable planets before they broke up (and Butterfly went on to form Shabazz Palaces).
– Ron Carter, Pharaoh Sanders, Herbie Hancock.
– Interviews with Cornell West, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Plenty of Afropean talent on show here too,  alongside Ronny Jordan there’s MC Solar (2nd appearance on AA), Carleen Anderson (2nd appearance on AA), Us3,  Incognito, and Don Cherry (honorary Afropean and Neneh’s Dad).

A pretty seminal 56 minutes. Sit back and enjoy.

Cover of Stolen moments: Red hot and cool
Stolen moments: Red hot and cool

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