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LDN to LA with Tahnaiya Russell: Adventures of an Afropean Artist Abroad (Part 3)

TE: We’re acquainted through our shared tenure at The Tate Modern. How did your time there influence your approach to artistry?

TR: Oh the memories! My very first job. Working at Tate Modern allowed me to be surrounded by so much diversity, which was very inspiring.

TE: As a corollary to the above, did you learn more about art in “the school of life” or at UCA (University of Creative Arts) Epsom or “a bit of both”?

TR: I guess “a bit of both”. I learnt about art when I worked at Tate. I studied Graphic Design: New Media at UCA. The most I learnt there was Adobe programmes, working with project briefs and juggling different feedback from all three of my tutors. I was a bit on the rebellious side. I didn’t care about grades. I spent most of my time working on personal projects, things I actually enjoyed and was proud to put in my portfolio. It was all about me and what I wanted, not the tutors! I was the one paying for the student loan, not them. So I was all about having my portfolio ready for after Uni because I knew those three years would go fast and I would soon be looking for work. I tried getting a head start by going to raves with my business cards and a pocket size portfolio. I would approach artists from Rephlex Records. I wanted to design all their album covers.

© Tahnaiya Russell
© Tahnaiya Russell


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