Author: Johny Pitts

Afropean, writer, photographer, broadcaster, music geek.

Looking B(l)ack Travel Symposium FULL programme (Zap Mama, Caryl Phillips LKJ & More) 19.10.18 – 21.10.18, Brussels

A weekend of talks and performances dedicated to the notion of Black Travel, curated by Johny Pitts, TV host and author of the forthcoming publication ‘Afropean: Documenting Black Europe’. Within the general notion of travelling, we will look to complicate an area overly hinged on white, masculine, heteronormative experiences, and

BLACK IN/VISIBILITIES CONTESTED 7th Biennial Afroeuropeans Network Conference, Lisbon 04.07.2019 – 06.07.2019

The 7th Biennial Network Conference: “Afroeuropeans: Black In/Visibilities Contested” is an important platform for the production of knowledge in the pertinent field of transdisciplinary research on racism, black cultures and identities in Europe. It also offers the opportunity to strengthen and widen networks between scholars, activists and artists that question structural racism

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