Black Brexit: What does Brexit mean for Britain’s Black community?, London 15.03.18

Brexit – the UK’s exit from the EU – will lead to the most significant economic and political shake up of the UK in 50 years.

Much has been written about what it means for different parts of the country, in terms of generationally, class and Britain’s place in the world. But much less has been said about what it means for Britain’s Black community and the implications for the Black Commonwealth.

Too often when those negotiating and commenting on Brexit talk about the need for closer ties between the UK and the Commonwealth post-Brexit, they usually refer to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and sometimes India; but there are 52 countries in the Commonwealth club with a combined population of 2.3 billion people, a third of the world’s population, and with 94% living in Asia and Africa.

This conference seeks to give voice to the views of Britain’s Black community as negotiations reach a critical stage.

Guided by Conference Chair Trevor Williams and Moderator Henry Bonsu, we will hear from business leaders, entrepreneurs, Commonwealth representatives, economists, trade and finance specialists, including Shamik Dhar, Melanie V Eusebe, Ian Greenstreet, Professor Victor Murinde, Dr Emilia Onyema and Janet Thomas.

Early bird tickets on sale until 1 March, don’t be disappointed and get yours before they are gone!

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One thought on “Black Brexit: What does Brexit mean for Britain’s Black community?, London 15.03.18

  1. How is that Brexit panning out for the UK’s collective last breath as a four countries?

    Brexit was the result of racism xenophobia and delusions of empire 2.0.
    What you are witnessing is the end of the UK as you know it with Scotland and Northern Ireland desperate to get away from the English

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