Autograph Event Photography and Eritrea 12.03.14- 26.04.14

Roman Road in association with Autograph ABP presents Even This Will Pass; a pioneering artistic venture by Eritrean-born, London based artist Aida Silvestri.

Comprised of 10 photographic portraits, the exhibition tells the journeys of Eritrean refugees in their exoduses to find better stability and hope in the United Kingdom. Silvestri’s project aims to raise awareness of human trafficking in an emotive tribute to her sitters and to the plights of these refugees whose voices too often remain unheard.

With a unique and conceptual approach that preserves the dignity of her sitters, Silvestri blurs the portraits of the survivors, upon which she hand-stitches their routes graphically in coloured thread. Their corresponding paths are amalgamated together on a large map, highlighting the diverse and encumbered journeys they faced. Each portrait is further matched with an accompanying text, detailing individual experiences in a short yet poignant written passage. The title of the project ‘Even This Will Pass’ reflects a sentiment of hope, written on a wall on Mount Sinai by displaced Eritreans during their journeys. With this body of work, Silvestri hopes their voices will be heard.

Autograph ABP is delighted to announce the publication of a collaborative accompanying catalogue, which will feature an essay by Renée Mussai, Curator and Head of Archive at Autograph ABP. The artist will also be releasing her first book to be purchasable at the show. Even This Will Pass opens on March 12, 2014 and will be on display through April 26th.


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