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An Afropean in Marrakech

Marrakech is a multicultural city with African, Arab, Berber and French influences and could almost be described as an Afropean Mecca, where Africa meets Europe without losing its identity. Johny Pitts searched the souks for some Afropean culture, and found everything from Arabic Neo Soul to North African street photography

Afropean, moi?

For a long time, when I was living in France, a lot of my close friends were mixed race people. It had never been a conscious choice of mine, it just happened. They were French-Senegalese, French-Guinean, French-Malian, or French-Gabonese. I had also dated a Belgo-Congolese, a French-Cameroonian and a French-Ivorian.

Art Deco & Africa

Art Deco & Africa, 1925 This weekend, after picking up an ENAR Foundation Award in Paris for the Facebook page Afropean Culture (Woo Hoo!), I spent some time with my good friend Chris and his lovely (& expecting!) lady Naj at their home near the 13th Arrondissement. In between hours

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