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Film Review: Les Miserables

Audacious, powerful debut blends Afro symbolism with classic film language, provoking challenging questions about human social organisation. Written by Tom Pointon *Warning: The penultimate paragraph of this review contains a spoiler. A profoundly moving, hard hitting moral drama elevated beyond being another ‘banlieu’ film through the masterful use of cinematic


By Miles Andrew   Standing atop a nearby hill, with a ruined medieval watch-tower at our backs, we look over the red and silver rooftops of Aspet – a small commune of less than 900 people – nestled in the Pyrenees. The Cagire, a mountain that resembles a pyramid cloaked

The Form

By Daphné Mia Essiet I was 23 the first time I was asked to officially identify my race. The day I had to fill that employment form was full of confusion and concerns: I had been taught in biology that there was no such thing as ‘race’; that we all

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