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Neimo Askar: The Science of the Art

Neimo Askar is a 22-year-old London poet who has blessed numerous stages with her visceral writing in a short space of time. Neimo is also a percipient photographer, industrious jumpers for sale events promoter and student of Bioscience. Her interview with Afropean’s Tommy Evans quickly evolves into a conversation between two

Saraiya Bah – The 21st Century Griot

Afropean’s Tommy Evans exchanges notes on poetry with fellow lyricist Saraiya Bah, one of London’s finest emerging spoken word artists. As a poet, writer and performer, Saraiya posits herself as a chronicler of life as a London-based young Muslimah. Here she discusses the pitfalls of being a potential role model,

Islamophobia: What’s in a Word?

By Will Furtado The French writer Michel Houellebecq, best known for his best sellers ‘Atomised’ and ‘Platform’, claimed in a recent Paris Review interview that ‘Islamophobia’ is not a kind of racism. This happened while promoting his new novel ‘Submission’ which hypothesizes a France led by a Muslim government. The