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In Liminal Space Part 6

Written by Nina Camara In Liminal Space is a series of interviews highlighting the experiences of people who have decided to leave an environment which did not reflect their story, for a liminal space ‘between the known and the unknown’, in order to put their past behind them and create

Interrogating Mixedness: The Mixed Bloom Room

Written by Nina Camara Conversations about race in multiracial families can be challenging. Unlike individuals from Black monoracial background who still have ‘the talk’ with their parents, for many mixed-race people the topic of race is a taboo. In addition, though race is a social construct, silence can also create barriers. Sarah

Tramonto – Sunset

Written by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher This short piece of creative fiction is an excerpt from Tramonto (Sunset), a children’s picture book, published in Italy. It is the story of a child born between two distant worlds, Europe and Africa, and two parents from different cultures. Like the sunset he lives an

In Liminal Space Part 4

Written by Nina Camara In Liminal Space is a series of interviews focusing on the liminality of the mixed race experience and the ways people deal with its challenges. The series highlights stories of people who have left environments which did not reflect their story in the hope of creating

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