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Life in The Hinterlands; Growing up Gay & Mixed Race on The Isle of White

By Ashley Thomas Life as a mixed gay man seems a singular experience. Who, what and where are the fluid foundations on which I’m constructed, construed and constrained. To some I am black but not Black, clearly not white or not Black enough. To others, I am an undecided shade of, well, I suppose you might say… …Brown? The Isle of Wight is a brilliant homophone. With its crumbling chalk and its crumbling people, it’s REALLY FUCKING WHITE. It’s located somewhere between the English south coast and 27 years ago. The island could seem blank or barren, but this

Sheila Nortley: Authentic Illusions

    Sheila Nortley: Authentic Illusions Afropean’s Tommy Evans converses with the multi-talented screenwriter, director, producer and actor Sheila Nortley. Sheila candidly tackles the challenges and rewards of bringing creative visions to life on the big screen as an independent filmmaker, as well as working with Ashley Walters who stars

Saraiya Bah – The 21st Century Griot

Afropean’s Tommy Evans exchanges notes on poetry with fellow lyricist Saraiya Bah, one of London’s finest emerging spoken word artists. As a poet, writer and performer, Saraiya posits herself as a chronicler of life as a London-based young Muslimah. Here she discusses the pitfalls of being a potential role model,

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