Afropean Anthems

Thou Daddy by Black Moses: Afropean Anthems – 4

It’s 1998, welcome to “Thou Daddy” from Swedish hip hop group Black Moses’ self-titled debut album.

Details on Black Moses are quite hard to come by (all we’ve found is this fb page), but “Thou Daddy” tells us that Black Moses were as good as anyone (except for maybe M. Ndegeocello) at making soul/jazz/hip-hop/spoken word songs in the late 90’s, and it also demonstrates a willingness to tackle complex subject matter like child abuse .

Sadly, Black Moses didn’t record a follow-up album, and, after the death of M.C. Infinity in 2013 (may he rest in peace) it looks like they never will.

Black Moses, 90's Swedish hip-hop/soul/jazz/spoken word group
Black Moses, Swedish hip-hop group

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